Family Tripping: Khamkirri Private Game Reserve

Khamkirri is a place of utter interconnectedness, where rugged and dramatic rantjes veldt reach up along the horizon to layer up against the 360 degree parabola of desert sky. In-the-moment adrenaline action, the natural grandeur of the Green Kalahari landscape and the larger than life people make it a special place.

A place where warmth and laughter and fun and family very much count; where kids can range free on horse-back or mountain bikes; where you can hike or trail run amidst gemsbok and kudu; or recharge mind, body and soul as the sun sets over the gently seething swathe of the ‘Great River’.

It is always a privilege to visit Khamkirri Augrabies, and spend time with Groot G, just shooting the breeze on the deck overlooking the Orange, while watching goliath herons stalk their prey as the sun sets in amber abandon. Go there, and get your life back –

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