Grootvadersbosch 2013 Stage Run

The annual 2-day GVB Stage Trail Run remains one of my favourite trail events in South Africa, and I doubt there is another race in the country that can compete metre for metre as far as WOW factor and variety goes.

Gut-thumping cliffs, towering Cape Fold peaks, contorted gorges, fynbos ridges, indigenous forest and stands of giant Redwoods, all linked together by a rollicking single-track route. A veritable trail-runners’ Nirvahna

It’s a tough one to shoot; the only way to those back-of-beyond peaks is to shoulder your camera pack, slog into gravity, grab your shots and then hustle the dozen-plus kays back to the finish line.

What a privilege though, to gaze out over the untamed wilderness of Boosmansbos, to where the rugged landscape unfolds to eventually meet the plains of the Karoo, and share this trail with a bunch of beautiful people, most of whom come for no other reason but to claim their personal hit of head space, a dose of solitude and a whole bunch of cameraderie.

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