Handvol Gruis Gastehuis, Namaqua West Coast

There’s an age-old energy that thrums deep within the shale-shocked high plateau of the #HantamKaroo, and you sense it at a cellular level when you root your feet to the soil at #Hantamland. This hideaway cottage is perched on a high-Karoo hilltop, surrounded by abundant harpuis and koperdraad grassland stands, porcupine burrows, precipitous cliffs and wide-sky panoramas. We climbed windmills, free-ranged in the hills, braaied skilpadjies, cranked the #Karoo trails, drank Namaqua West Coast wines, hiked along iced-covered streams, and immersed in a 2 Degree Celsius dam just after dawn. There’s more to life than not experiencing this untethered connection to #nature every day 🍃☀️❄️

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