Hello 2019

Too much beautifulness in #2018 to even try to make sense of. A couple of weeks spent with our youthfull wonders taught me a few things, like, for example, you never actually say ‘very’, but rather abbreviate it (as in vee nice). Also, just about any sentence can be improved by adding ‘like a boss’ at the end.

More importantly, I’ve again realized how important it is to spend precious down time with people who really matter, and who add value to your life. Family comes first, always, and sharing the surf, trails, lazy lunches and quiet moments with them add unquantifiable meaning and value to life.

True friends. You guys know who you are, and I value your kak-praat and ribbing and humour and occasional straight-shooting honesty – we all need that barometer to guide us as we try to navigate this complex beast called life.

Parents. The parentals at the flip side of our young guns bring a new dimension as they age, and roles begin to switch. I’m blessed – and challenged – to be able to spend time with mine a few times a year, and to learn from this role reversal process. Sometimes we do and see things very differently, but the older I grow, the more I understand that there is no real right or wrong, but rather a negotiation of an area consisting of dozens of shades of gray. May I continue to learn equally from the successes and failures on both sides.

The New Year. It will be no different from the ones that have gone before. I have only one wish for #2019 and that is to slow it down. When I think back on all the beautiful adventures that have gone before, it is crystal clear that you need to be in the moment, all the time. Less things, more experiences. Less talk, more listening. Less reactivity, more empathy. Less self, more selflessness.

I have a lot still to learn, and I look forward to doing this. And I’m fortunate to have Karyn Marais at my side to guide my impatient Aries spirit in the right direction. So, here’s to a great new spin around the sun – I hope #2019 is everything everyone of you hope it will be.

Now go forth and have fun (like a boss)

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