Isuzu Wild Coast Adventure #2

There are no real roads on the #WildCoast anymore. What you have are corrugated dirt strips, with axle-snapping potholes, herds of fatalistic #Nguni cattle, and kamikaze pigs dashing from the blood-coloured mud run-offs after the heavy summer rains. Android sheep, scrawny goats, feral dogs on the prowl, young children trekking miles to get to school … you can’t let your guard down for a single moment while navigating this Mad Max land.

Yup, the old #Transkei is pretty rough around the edges, and neither government nor civil society seem to have any answer as to how to halt – or reverse – the infrastructural decay. Public transport of any form is at best erratic, and those who can afford a vehicle will most probably destroy them in a few years. The rest of the people walk or flag down the occasional taxi in order to get to town; a journey that should take 20min, but these days you’re in for a jolting journey of an hour and a half.

Yet there is one unstoppable supply line servicing the whole of the Wild Coast: the Isuzu South Africa #Fseries Trucks. These hardy as hell and never-say-die vehicles have become the backbone of the construction and retail industry here, and every day hundreds of these road warriors deliver building materials to home owners in remote valleys, bread to tiny spaza shops, or beer to shebeens in forgotten villages. Without these #IsuzuSA machines, life in this rural heartland will be impossible. We’ve been documenting part of this hard, daily grind in the new #dmaxbold