Kagga Kamma discovery


And millennia later, there came mankind. These early humans roamed the vastness of the African continent and – by the Late Stone Age – hunter-gatherers and pastoralists ranged beyond the Cederberg ranges and across the Cape Province. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to stumble across some of the treasures they’ve left behind, as did two adventurous hikers a while ago at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

This extraordinary story has been percolating for more than two years, and it has been such a privilege to work with Dale Galloway and her team to document the discovery of this ancient Khoekhoen clay pot. The vessel is thought to be as much as 2000 years old, and academics and archaeologists believe this remarkable cultural find may shed light on the early history of this dramatic region.

It was a hair-raising experience to work with a brittle and priceless artefact arguably dating back to the end of the LSA, so photography and filming had to be limited to a makeshift studio I set up on the reserve. Fortunately, I had Jeff Brandt to collaborate with, and he worked his magic to incorporate the studio imagery of the pot into my outdoor visuals of the jaw-dropping #KaggaKamma vistas, celestial skies and dramatic landscape. (I think we barely breathed until the beautiful pot was eventually safly back in its display case)!

Artwork and Animation: Jeff Brandt – www.brandt.africa

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