Kalahari MTB Challenge – Day 3

Sitting at JHB Airport with dust in my ears and eyes, and up my ass, but with a huge smile on my face. What an incredible experience it has been to shoot the #KalahariChallenge up in Botswana these past few days.

If you’re keen on a serious session of #AdventureMTB, add this to your Do-List right away. Trippy singletrack windy-windy through the African savannah, littered with mother-cruncher climbs, endo-enducing sandy slipways, and errant kamikaze goats, this is a ride of bucket-list brilliance.

Good to catch up with a bunch of mates from way back, including Clinton Mac and Nicholas Mulder, and meet up with a quiver of brand new faces. Tip of the hat to Matthew Gibsonand Garth Armstrong and Seamus and Fiona Coward andKelly Fraser – you guys flippen rock. That was a pretty flawless event.

If you feel the itch, go scratch it at www.kalaharichallenge.comright now, and sign up for 2017 – it is about as much fun as you can have on two (650b+) wheels. And when you get to good old Gabs, have a St. Louis Lager on that spectacular over-the-bar face plant I performed when I got a bit windgat on the dikwiel. Fun and games, bru, fun and games 🙂

Click here to see the pics