Kolmanskop, Namibia – Beyond Aukoerebis Expedition

The ghost town of #Kolmanskop is one of those iconic experiences here in #Namibia, so it was always going to be a must-do stop along our Isuzu South Africa #BeyondAukoerebis Expedition. Our stay in #Luderitz was short, but we did make time to explore the gorgeous German architecture and taste some traditional local delicacies, as in #apfelstrudel, ja!

The geographic location of the village itself has a Corsican feel to it, with expansive estuarine bays unfolding amidst rugged and picturesque rock promontories. It is an ocean sport mecca for kite boarders and wind surfers, but unfortunately no swell to mention. This meant the #BeyondAukoerebis Crew was more than happy to spend a few hours exploring Kolmanskuppe, wandering amidst the Gothic, turn-of-the-century buildings of this desolate and forgotten diamond mining town, slowly being consumed by the creeping sands of the Namib-Naukluft Desert ????????????

Today was our first day here on the edge of the #FishRiverCanyon, camping at the gorgeous Gondwana Collection Namibia #CanyonRoadHousePeter Van KetsKaryn Marais and #DieOom are just back from a gorgeous wilderness ride on the Giant Bicycles South Africa #mtb‘s, and we’ll soon head down to the canyon proper to crack a Teubes Wines Karoobossie Sparkling as the sun sets over the craggy Namib landscape

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