!Kwa Ttu San Culture and Education Centre

One of the many joys of being back on my feet is connecting with some of the #outdoor spaces where we’ve made memories as a family over so many years of our children growing up. The incomparable Khwa ttu #SanExperience is one such place, and it is amazing to see what Michael Daiber, Baby-Rose Vilander and the warm-hearted team here have achieved over the lock-down period.

Culturally, their Museum and Encounters Centres are of a world-class standard, while the all-new and ultra-modern Interpretative Centre – with stunning light through glass-panelled walls, cutting-edge architecture, 360-degree surround-video viewing and outstanding art – must rate as one of the best virtual #storytelling exhibits of it’s kind in all of Africa.

Go experience this amazing space – and their accessible family trails – to lose yourselves within a world where the heritage and tradition of the #San Culture is stunningly curated and sensitively brought to life. And whatever you do, don’t miss out on the impeccable cuisine served at their restaurant. Every dish is meticulously prepared from fresh produce off the farm, or sustainably sourced from the best local suppliers, and only animals and plants who have lived a #happylife make it onto your plate. The flavours are sublime and – best of all – every plate comes with its own story, often based on Bushman culture and the natural ingredients they consistently used while foraging these self-same #WestCoast plains.

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