Lesotho Sky MTB Recce – Day 5

OK, so I’ve held back a few days on the last few images, very much because I’ve not been quite ready to say goodbye to the Lesotho adventure here where I’m sitting behind my desk.

However, there comes a time when you need to bite the bullet, and get the images out of your head and into cyberspace. Also, the final day was very much a hustle home along the back roads to make it to a chisa nyama session with the veritable Tumisang Taabe, with one outstanding stop along the way … Roma’s rocking sandstone ridges!

This is as Moabish as you’ll get in southern Africa, with ancient footpaths carved into the soft rock over the aeons through countless feet. Water chutes add exhilarating drop-offs to the mix, and for about an hour time stood still as the bikes came out to play.

And with these visuals, all I can say is ‘Khotso Lesotho’, peace be with you and your wonderful people until such time as I visit you again.

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