#moerandgone in Modjadji

The realm of the Rain Queen – southern Africa’s only matriarchal monarchy – is a place of awe and wonder. Here, within the innermost reaches of the Limpopo Province, you will find a mountain range bristling with cycads up to 13m tall.

These encephalartos villosus giants date back 50-60 million years, to a time when baracyosaurus and other prehistoric beasts ruled the landscape. They now survive in limited numbers in the rugged Modjadji Nature Reserve, where you will also find the one of the most authentic travel experience in SA at the www.africanivoryroute.co.za camp.

Hiking, trail running, birding, botanical exploration and cultural tourism combine here in Modjadji, where the Lobedu people – originallly from Central Africa nearly 4 centuries back – still holds true to the traditions and myths surrounding their Rain Queen.

I remember reading about this in my grandmother’s OXFORD ‘Book of Knowledge’ encyclopedias as a young boy, and what a privilege it was to experience this in real life. Unique does not begin to describe this incredible destination …

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