#moerandgone Mission – Umngazi River Bungalows

There are a thousand reasons to go to Umngazi River Bungalows, but in this case the best one of all was to celebrate the wedding of two fabulous friends. Wayne and Phillipa Le Roux, it was such a pleasure spending time with you guys, but next time warn me in advance that I’m the designated wedding shooter 🙂

This was a proper adventure wedding, which meant mass river swims, big hikes and thumping trail runs, sunset paddles, horse-back rides, an MTB crank of note along the IMANA Wild Ride route and, of course, lots of beers. Good thing, because it ensured that we could just about balance out the massive food intake from Umngazi’s sumptuos buffet tables.

The trail winding above the Indian Ocean towards Port St. Johns via Silaka Nature Reserve remains one of my favourite runs in SA. No, scrap that – the world – and it was special to spend some time on the Wild Coast proper with my honey-for-life, Karyn Marais. Umngazi is definitely a #moerandgone destination, so there’s bound to be a chapter on it in my new book 🙂

Wayne and Pips, we wish you guys happiness, health and heaps of adventures. It was special.

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