Mola Mola Rescue – Port Nolloth


Our beach run in beautiful McDougalls Bay turned into a bit of an adventure rescue mission this afternoon. After the rush of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, me and Peter Kirk decided to recharge our batteries en route to Cape Town, but spotted a giant sunfish about a km into the run.

The species Mola Mola grows up to 2000kg in size, but this little dude probably weighed in at a relatively light-weight 80kg, and was solidly wedged in rocks just off the beach. He was utterly exhausted, so we did not hold out much hope.

It took us 45min of maneuvering to get him through the reefs, repeatedly steering him away from the shore break. I eventually swam him out into deeper water though, and what a pleasure it was to watch him make his way into the open ocean.

Our run from ‪#‎PortIndigo‬ down the coast – with the sun setting over the icy Atlantic – was the final cherry on top of a fantastic week at ‪#‎Desertknights‬. I suppose the fact that the little collosus’ Grade 40 sandpaper skin have removed all my finger prints could be seen as a potential bonus should I decide to turn to a life of crime

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