Mozambique 2022 – Day 3

#Day3, but it feels like at least a week of adventure at glorious #CasteloDoMar. The tropical vibes continue here along the hideaway stretch of coast tracing the breathtaking ‘Baya de Inhambane’.

Magnificent #mangrove #kayaking; ocean cruising in search of the rare #dugong; dhows scudding on ancient trade winds; diverse pelagic birding; a #barefoot search for #pansy shells on a remote sand spit … there seems to be not a single #travel box Castelo Do Mar leaves unticked 🌊💙 🐬

The #LingaLinga Peninsula – nestling upon the shimmering estuary unfolding to the north of #Inhambane – is a space where the great outdoors will allow visitors to reconnect with #nature … it really is,’a place where time slows down’.

We meandered through cashew and coconut stands to the colourful village of #Morrumbene, where we explored the fresh produce market. Giant avocados, glistening fish and prawns were added to our evening meal of crayfishon the beach … Muito Obrigado, Mozambique 🙏🍻.