Pixel hunting in the Baviaanslkoof

On a mission hunting #pixels in one of my favourite #wilderness regions in all of #southafrica. The #baviaanskloof proper cannot be distilled as a single ecosystem or biome or geographical entity, and the landscape defies description, especially at the #CedarFalls Base Camp of Go Baviaans: Baviaanskloof Accommodation and Activities. This is so much more than just the amazing The Leopard Trail, with a gritty, #exploriding grind of an #mtb trail to Gabriel’s Pools, exceptional #trailrunning upon booming shale-shocked ridges, and the utterly sublime #RietRiver canyon winding its iconic way into the contorted belly of the Baviaans mountains. Words and images fail to fully capture the raw beauty of this part of the Eastern Cape Tourism Region, so it is up to you to come and reconnect for an unmatched dose of #wildernesstherapy.

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