Small Victories – Going Home

Yup, a week ago I did a back flip off a 15m Groot Winterhoek pinnacle, and walked out of that breathtaking wilderness with multiple fractures, ligament tears, hemorrhaging lungs and proper contusions. The first three days at hospital was spent flat on my back with severely impaired mobility, but it seems my green smoothie routine is paying dividends. (And the drugs and surgeon, of course: I absolutely hate the former, but at this stage they are a critical contributor to the healing process).

My breathing capacity is back up to 80%, with pain levels dropping to the fokken eina level, and I can now shuffle 50m or so with the assistance of a sketchy crutch routine and my #moonboot. Best of all, I’m back home in a proper healing environment, with Karyn Marais and my precious family, with dogs all round. I also have a bell. Right now, the whole household comes running when it tinkles, but I might have to add in a Pavlovian reward component to keep the obedience levels up 🐕🐕🐕

Thanks again for all the messages and amazing support 🙏