Taking Flight – Castelo Do Mar, Mozambique

Ah well, even Adam and Eve had to leave their little piece of paradise eventually, right? The time has come to jet out of Castelo Do Mar and back to reality, but the shades of pink and blue and green on the #LingaLinga Peninsula are sure to replay in my mind for years to come. Especially those cerise tones, usually reserved for around sunset, when #mozambique‘s true colours come shining through 💮🐬🦩🌊🍥💙


I wish I could have lingered longer on the magical ‘Baya de Inhambane’, drifting on the trade winds in a #dhow, or flitting with flamingos and paradise flycatchers along those emerald #mangrove channels. One thing is certain: this is #AuRevoir rather than goodbye, with countless experiences to still tick off. Next time, I hope to encounter the endangered #dugong, maybe #surf the break at #Tofo, and climb a coconut tree. And of course bring Karyn Marais and the whole family, so they too can experience this amazing place ‘where time slows down’ …