The Beyond the Rift Valley Expedition 2018

A map and a few snapshots of what awaits along our Dunlop Tyres SABEYOND THE RIFT VALLEY Expedition Route when the Isuzu South Africavehicles depart on the arduous #CapeTownToKigali Leg of this mammoth cross-continental road-trip on September 16th … Yup, we’ve swapped the ancient deserts of Namibia and Angola for the jade jungle heart of Rwanda, and with Peter Van Kets as my #BTRV partner in adventure, it can only be epic.

Further support from Front Runner South Africa and Hi-Tec South-Africa will help us as we ‘Do It for The Children’ on a journey just shy of 15 000km. Both PVK and I are proud ambassadors for Children in the Wilderness, and we hope in our own small way to raise funds for – and awareness of – the amazing educational programmes that #CITW run in some of Africa’s wildest places.

Good mates make for great memories, so it’s a kickass feeling to have Pistol Peter Kirk, Mopkop Bertus Louw and Derek Devine in on this road trip via (at least!) five African countries. And chances are we may even get to see #DieLegend Dudley Bruce Wessels … Let’s just say we’ll see exactly how all the roads converge once we get to Tanzania …

The key focus of the expedition in Rwanda itself is a human-powered navigation of the NILE-CONGO DIVIDE. This extreme and remote watershed bristles along a jagged line through Rwanda, and we will attempt to Trek, MTB, Kayak and leopard-crawl as close to it as is humanly possible. PVK will be doing most of the hard graft, but we will support him by drinking beers and hurling friendly abuse.

Follow us with SPOT Africa as we trek through Nyungwe, bike past Bigodi, summit the Rift Valley’s highest volcanic peaks, and paddle the ancient Lake Kivu shimmering upon the edge of the DRC … it promises to be an adventure of note!

A posthumous Thank You to Russel Friedman, the great man who planted so many of the seeds for these wilderness journeys … Bwana, we will think of you when we sit around those forest fires. And I will have your ‘Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals’ on hand as we trip those Rift Valley back roads, of that you can be sure.

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