The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – 17 September

The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition is off on a final short mission into Swakopmund, with Peter Van Kets cranking the salt road via Dorob National Park along the icy Atlantic Ocean.

One epic wilderness route, eighteen days of exploration, two Isuzu South Africa KBs, five Wilderness Safaris  desert camps, 4 x Giant RSA Bicycles, outstanding Hi-Tec SA technical apparel, two SPOT Africa trackers, dozens of litres of  DripDrop, heaps of Racefood bars, plus a whole bunch of Holdfast equipment, some Ciovita cycling tops, and copious amounts of Darling Brew  beer and Bean There coffee made all of this real.

In the end, though, it comes down to four mates exploring the edge of a diverse and fragile desert land, raising awareness and funds for  Children In The Wilderness. The Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition will roll to a halt around midday, but the memories we made will last a lifetime. Many more posts, images, footage and stories to follow…

PS: Not a single Grand Trek tyre was destroyed in over 4000km of gruelling terrain. And believe me, we hammered them.

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