The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – 18 September

The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Expedition  has safely rolled into a non-descript and extremely arid  Achab  River campsite near the Wilderness Safaris Desert Rhino Camp. We barely had time to open a cold beer after a gut-thumping day on the Giant Bicycles  when two desert elephants lumbered into camp, adding the final cherry to a magnificent  mtb adventure so far.

Damaraland is proving a tough and extremely rugged crank, so we’re utterly chuffed with the Isuzu South Africa K8 bakkies. Rocks, deep sand washes, lion tracks everywhere, more rocks, interspersed with baby-head boulder fields, contorted albitrunca trees, occasional and super-fast snakes, and desert rhino middens everywhere… Peter Van Kets  is doing brilliantly on the bike, though, and the Grand Trek tyres are the bomb – this has been a massive test, and they certainly passed with flying colours.

The same can be said for our technical apparel from Hi-Tec South Africa, our DripDrop oral hydration solition, Racefood nutrition,  Holdfast mtb equipment, SPOT Africa  trackers, and more than anything, the financial support from SPAR Eastern Cape. After Damaraland , we head to Branberg  and (relative) civilisation, where we meet up with the Dunlop Tyres SA  crew – all good.

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