The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – 7 September

Extremely low signal here at We Are Wilderness Hoanib Desertt Camp  on the Skeleton Coast for the Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge  Expedition. Will try to load an image or two, but just to confirm we’re one day ahead of schedule and the desert mtb ride is going well. Huge kudos to the Dunlop Grand Trek  tyres and the Isuzu South Africa KB Bakkies  – this has been a huge test for the vehicles and support crew, not to mention the riders. Giraffe, gemsbok, horned adders, scorpions, Himba people, giant dunes, serrated rock, head winds, sand (it’s a desert after all) …

It’s all there, but what really stands out is the utter beauty of this desolate land we are moving through. Nothing like the perspective you get on life – and yourself – when you are are dwarfed by the largesse of the vast expanses of the Namib Desert. Huge thanks from myself and Peter Van Kets to Dunlop Tyres SA, SPAR Eastern Cape, Hi-Tec South Africa, Holdfast, DripDrop, Wilderness Safaris, SPOT Africa, Racefood and all our other sponsors. The footage and imagery will blow your minds Click here to view the pics