The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – 8 September

Rest Day on the Dunlop Tyres Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition,  so missioned to the icy Skeleton Coast. Misty, moody, wind-swept and desolate, but life thrives here upon the Namib  desert edge.

Saw brown hyena and black-backed jackal hunting at the Möwe Bay seal colony, scorpions scuttling across the dark-zone plains, and marsh harriers cruising for desert mice in the  Hoanib  delta, all part of this incredible Wilderness Safaris concession.

Tomorrow we get back in on the Giant Bicycles and Isuzu South Africa KBs  and continue our incredible journey southwards into the Palmwag  concession in Damaraland.  Peter van Kets   is maintaining a steady 70-80km per day through tortuous terrain, but both the bikes and Grand Trek  tyres are holding their own against the onslaught of this harsh desert land.

We will be out of range again for at least three days, but hope to upload a new video from Peter Kirk  by Sunday. Not sure the images are coming through, but cannot wait to share this extraordinary journey in images and words.

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