The #GreytEscape 2017

Listen up, all you fat tyre fans … there’s a singletrack party happening in Greyton, and the good news is you’re all invited. I discovered dozens of fresh tracks during this past weekend’s #GreytEscape, and there’s no better event to put you in touch with all the fantastic MTB options here in #greyton.

I’ve heard some folks refer to this scenic village as ‘South Africa’s Little England’. Well, that’s just plain old hogwash: if the UK had weather like this, most Capeys would have probably emigrated there by now. That said, I do see similarities with the Lake District’s rolling green hills, craggy peaks, clear streams and general prettiness.

The upside is that you’re still riding your bike right here in Mama Africa, and that the local restaurants won’t cost you a blackmarket kidney deal. Add to this the excellent local wines and hand-craft Old Potter’s Country Inn & Brewpub beer – plus a whole bunch of charming delis, craft shops, bakeries and a chocolaterie, nogal – and you have a winner when it comes to a top MTB weekend away.

A major advantage is that the laid-back #GreytEscape will satisfy both the racing snakes and #singletrack cruising types. Anneke and Petie Viljoen, together with Course Designer Andrew White, delivers on all fronts, with a superb combo of achievable riding that never, ever becomes boring. Name any of the legendary #Greyton trail segments, and you’re bound to ride it on one of the #GreytEscape days.

Plus, the village atmosphere will satisfy non-riders, too, allowing you to crank 24/7 while your significant others spa, hike, horse ride or trail run along a plethora of mountain routes. Best of all, you can choose from any type or style of level of accommodation you could care to mention …

Get in touch with your inner savage in an Indian tepee; hole up in a Hobbit-style straw-bale house; go lah-di-dah in a boutique hotel; chill on a self-catering farm stay; or even relax river-side in a luxury safari tent … But whatever you do, make sure you enter this must-do event in 2018!

Greyton is situated within the Cape Winelands, but close to the border of the Overberg, so expect mainly winter rain. Summers are just this side of mild, but mid-winter months can get pretty serious, with muddy trails and snow on the mountains.

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