The Incredibles

27 September 2010

Sometimes, a single day of adventure delivers incredible memories, and today was such a day. Exactly forty eight hours ago, John Collins broke the OTTER Trail Run Record to post an unbelievable time of 4hrs 56min, and he was duly hailed as the new Otter King. Two days later, and the second installment of this legendary run sees his record well and truly demolished. Andre Gie stands up and delivers against last year’s speed man, Ian-Don Wauchope, in a guts-and glory display of hardcore running. After 42km, he hammers home in 4hrs 48min, a mere nine seconds ahead of Wauchope. Following on from this in-your-face slugfest, Jeannie ‘The Bomb’ Bomfordt exemplifies all that is sublime about running, floating in across the Groot River in an untouchable 5hrs 17min. An impeccable display from all the runners, nonetheless from those who battled home in a gruelling twelve hours.

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