The #JirreVan

The #JirreVan – like the proverbial ‘Astarjian’, or Armenian phoenix – has risen from those suburban swamplands slumbering along the shadow-side of the mountain. With the help of mates Jonathan Tee and Philippe Samouilhan (and a fair bit of foul language), we eventually crossed into the #DeepSouth over Ou Kaapse Weg, where she will be restored to her early-80s splendour … well, sort of.

Her final journey will stop well short of Yerevan, or even Xixax (Nina Hagen headbangers will get the reference), instead winding into those deep-foresty glades of the Garden Route. By then, I am hoping JirreVan will look less like Bulgarian Boere Brothel, and more like a hey shoo wow hippy haven. Shot Chris Fisher – you guys now have a chill spot in Harkerville 🍃🍄

This may become the journey soundtrack