The Leopard Trail

Earthing. Connecting. Breathing. Being … Life has become a fast-track to nowhere, with everyone ticking boxes, grabbing selfies, second-guessing the government, collecting Social Media likes and – let’s face it – trying our best to survive the curve balls hurled our way by an increasingly out-of-control world.

But there are ways to counter this, and real-time spaces where you are able to escape this vacuous, virtual treadmill. The #CedarFalls Base Camp at

Go Baviaans: is one such place, and what it does is make you realise how frikken puny and insignificant you actually are. Go here. Be present. And climb a mountain to sit on a cloud-piercing peak; breathe in the air, and let the aroma of buchu and cedar saturate your senses. Be still: make peace with the many voices of your spirit, and tune in to the lifeblood pulsing within your physical being …

You don’t have to be a yogi to become human again. Open your mind and let your soul soar up on high, where imperious black eagles navigate the Baviaans breezes. Be humbled by nature, and immerse yourself within the grand expanse of this vast wilderness, because there really is nothing else that is true in this world we live in anymore.

And be at peace.

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