The #oZINE

As part of the OZone Collaboration between myself and Zane Schmahl, we’ve created a neat little e-magazine concept known as the #oZINE. It’s a great way to capture the visual impact and behind-the-scenes stories at an event, and instead of having to wait weeks or months for it to appear in print in newspapers or magazines, you can get all your immediate gratification, well, immediately …

Here’s a sneak peek of what went down a few days back at the Ile Rodrigues Tourisme #TrailDeRodrigues Extreme Trail Run (and thanks for being the Cover Girl, Claudia Fong Kye … and you feature as well, Yan de Maroussem)! Check out the little auto-play video, or go read the eZine at…/1ENaEDCinOHzAiUdfZFa1vUxMMIo9cVA

Click here to watch the oZINE