The Rockerfellas at the Brass Bell

The Rockerfellas. What an absolute blast. It all went down, from pyromaniac Vikings, droll humour and inflatable sex dolls, to a solid session of gut-thumping 70s rock (with the occasional Neil Diamond riff thrown in to appease the Old Testament Gods). This is as much fun as you can have – with your clothes on – on any given night in Kalk Bay, with or without the help of your little hallucinogenic friends.

Travel back in time, Bru: light up a Peter Stuyvesant and go tune in to their bawdy ACDC-cum-Eurovision trash-up vibe when they’re next in your neck of the woods. Way real, way fun, way fucking irreverent – it’s like reliving that first time you drifted a Cortina 3l XR6. Thanks for the invite Atle Jorgensen and Lindy Zoutendyk – such rock stars you are … #GoodNightSweden! 💥💪🏼

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