Time Out in Touwsberg

Somewhere between Barrydale and Ladismith – just a few kays beyond the infamous Ronnie’s Sex Shop – you will find the turn-off to Touwsberg Private Nature Reserve. This pristine haven takes you completely off the grid: no cell phone reception or television, and all the power comes from wind and solar generators. You will share this amazing space with giraffe, bontebok, klipspringer, eland and the biggest herd of Cape Mountain zebra on earth. Best of all, you can interact on foot or on a mountain bike with nature, even at night if you feel like it. And if you’re lucky, you may just bump into a honey badger, brown hyena, aardwolf or Cape leopard. If you don’t, the incredible night skies will leave you breathless of their own accord. Escape, and enjoy ….

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