This is a shout-out to all those people who get shit done, despite the load-shedding, mad fuel prices, rising interest rates and other obstacles they face as business start-ups here in South Africa. Mark Loftus and Tatum Prins are good mates of mine and just top people all round, so it has been inspirational following their Tougher journey.

In less than a year, they’ve come up with a concept, set up a factory, created a bunch of employment opportunities, kick-started production and marketed the hell out of their #Tougher range of protective #seatcovers, vehicle floor mats, and durable #outdoor bags. I’ve tested their product in every condition conceivable, and can vouch for them 100%. They’ve worked their asses off, but that’s not why you should support them: rather do it because they are resilient, are creating jobs, and have come up with a proudly South African product you can trust, and at a fair price point to boot! Go #Ratel! 💪🏼

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