Tour de Tuli: Day 2 – A Sandy Ride to Shashe

Shashe Village in Zimbabwe featured as one of the main beneficiaries in TdT2012, with a major charity drive focusing on education in the area. Children came to dance and sing from all corners of the Maramani community and were soon kicking about soccer balls handed out by the riders and CHILDREN IN THE WILDERNESS. As it was a hot and dusty day, the lcoal shebeens did exceptionally good business out of the thirsty competitors, especially after I organised a bike race beteen the local Shashe Fat Trackers and the TdT participants. The athletes won, but it was a different ball game when I got them to switch bikes 🙂 A shorter course catered for the guys who still felt Day 1 in their legs – the last group took nearly 9hrs to get into camp – while the racing snakes cranked along a gruelling loop to join in the fun. Thrills, spills and quite a few tears were the order of the day, before another feast of a meal in Maramani Camp, right on the banks of the bone-dry Shashe River.

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