Trans Baviaans 2019 – The Race

As usual, being part of the kickass media team at the annual EcoBound Mountain Events #TransBaviaans means a long day of tripping through the Kloof capturing the action, followed by a night of zero sleep as you plug away at the thousands of visuals. The worst part personally is seeing the riders cranking through this incredible World Heritage Wilderness site; I have to admit this #FOMO generally do not last late into the night, though!

There is no ways I would have it different, though. Working with #ECOBOUNDon this world-class event never disappoints, with new adventures and vistas and discoveries around every craggy corner, up every tortuous pass, and side-winding down every white-knuckle descent.

The riders end up have dozens of exhilarating adventures, and I’d love to find a way to hear every story. This year we will be putting together an #oZinePublication covering the event: hopefully you can contribute your legendary tales! All the images from your 230km wilderness ride will also be uploaded to the event web site later today, but I thought I’d share a sneak peak with you so long … more shots coming soon!

 Click here to view the pics