TransBaviaans 2013

There were two things wrong with TransBaviaans 2013. No. 1: I wasn’t riding. No. 2: I ended up causing a shite-load of dust for the mountain bikers trying to get up-front for some good shots.

Other than that, it was pretty much on target as another ECOBOUND MTB stunner. Gut-thumping climbs, jaw-hanger landscapes, an awesome field of riders and a team of real-world characters who absolutely live, eat and breathe their rough-and-real brand of mountain biking.

I need to ride this event (even though I fear I might break into little piece of gob, sweat and tears) before I die, but at least the climb up to Bergplaas will be a pretty awesome place to wheeze out that last breath.

And to shoot it from the bike will be a damn sight less stressful than dodging riders in a 4×4, so roll on 2014. Kudos to all the guys I saw – again and again and again – along the way. Huge respect to you all.

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