TransBaviaans 2017 – Stars, Stones and Sleepmonsters

There may be some other pretenders to the single-stage endurance #mtb throne, but in my mind the #TransBaviaans24hrs #Mountainbike Marathon remains the original, 100%-proof ‘monster MTB Event’ here in southern Africa (and quite possibly anywhere in the world).

It was my 5th #TransBaviaans with the @EcoBoundMTB #MTBmafia, and as always it was such an amazing experience. Not only do riders pass through four unique biomes, but what is more is that the majority of the route passes through one of the largest #WorldHeritage Sites on the planet. This #MegaReserve is home to buffalo, black rhino and leopard, which adds an additional edge to this gritty 230km bike journey.

The accompanying photos are just a sneak peek at some of the images shot on the PENTAX SOUTH AFRICA #PentaxK1during the first 2017 Edition, basically covering the race up to the Langwater crossing at Smitskraal.

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