Building Relationships …

Life is about partnerships, not only with the one you love and your kids and mates, but also with brands that kick ass. I’ve found, through trial and error, that loyalty trumps image any time of the day, and the brands that I’ve been fortunate enough to associate myself with have been the ones that stuck with me through thick and thin. Quality is obviously a key element in any brand, but so is service, back-up and – most important to me, integrity and humanity – Thank you.

Official Influencer and Ambassador to the following brands

As a South African company, Fluid Kayaks understands that where there is sun and water there will be enthusiasts relishing the great outdoors. Their kayaks enable you to do just that, regardless of whether you are simply having some fun in the sun, or finding your own adventure.

Fluid aims to grow a love for paddling and the outdoors with our extensive range of kayaks. Fluid’s whitewater kayaks are built with technical insight, engineering know-how and most importantly, a first-hand knowledge of what it means to run heavy water.Their recreational kayaks come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring everyone can get on the water, while their fishing kayaks have all the essential outfitting and necessities to help you get out there.

At Core Merino we want you to be active, enjoy the great outdoors and achieve your adventurous goals. For that you need clothes that help you perform well and support you in the best possible way.

However, for you to enjoy the great outdoors there needs to be an outdoors that is enjoyable and not polluted or in any way endangered. So we need to create high performing sustainable garments. 

Merino wool is nature’s technical fibre and is durable, long-lasting and renewable making it the best choice of fibre for your outdoor adventures and for our planet.

Squirt Cycling Products: Bikinvention is a corporation that has developed a wax chain lubricant with unique properties called Squirt Chain Lube®. We also produce a concentrated biodegradable bike cleaner (Squirt Bike Cleaner®), a long lasting application for skin protection on endurance events (Squirt Barrier Balm®), a puncture sealant that will seal every air leak or puncture (SquirtSEAL®), and a highly functional sweat removal device (SweatSucker® and SLURP®), and the first high-end chains on the market to be pre-lubed and sold ‘ready to use,’ (Squirt Coated Chain®).

We strive to produce products that are thoroughly tested and accepted by the cycling and sports fraternity as functional and of high quality.

IHF Products – Distributors of Polar in Southern Africa. Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. Polar helps you get under the skin of your training. We put it down to a combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs.

We cater for all levels of fitness by offering a comprehensive product range, along with essential support and advice.

Weber Braai SA
When George Stephen, founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., designed his kettle-shaped barbeque grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. Tired of complaining about flat, open grills that exposed his food to wind, ashes and charring fire-ups, he decided to put a lid on it — literally.
It all started at the metalworks, where he worked, his idea began to take shape as he chopped a metal buoy in half, added air vents and legs and the original kettle barbecue was born. He realised it looked more than a bit weird, but he proudly took it home to try it out. More