Outdoor Guides and Books…

Over the past decade, I’ve authored, photographed and contributed to more than a dozen books, most of them outdoor guides to adventures sports that I love to participate in. Mountain biking, adventure racing, trail running and just good old adventuring on this balls-to-the-wall continent called Africa that we are lucky enough to live on. There’s also been a behind-the-scenes publication on the FIFA World Cup, a short story or six, and eleven gazillion articles in publications ranging from Men’s Health and Runners World to Wild and Good Taste. Let’s just say I’ve been a busy boy 🙂.

The following books are available from MapStudio:

Trail Runner’s Guide -ePDF provides comprehensive coverage of trails in and around South Africa as well as information on training gear, footwear, nutrition, events and insider tips from several of South Africa’s leading trail-running experts.