Crossways Farm Village

It was all Blues and Greens and great light these past few days in the ‘Kingdom of the #Puttergill Clan’ … I can think of few better places on the planet to live the #freerange life than right here on 3Rivers Trails in the good old Oos-Kaap! 🍃🌲🚴

What a feel-good vibe it is to #trailrun, #hike and #mountainbike along the Van Stadens foothills in the Kouga Tourism Routes region near Thornhill, and reconnect with true salt-of-the-earth folk. There’s no doubt that this is by far my favourite #trail destination in all of the Eastern Cape Tourism Province 💪🙌

Downside? We will certainly be suffering from #fomo and grumpiness while readjusting to the reality here in Cape Town!