Father’s Day in False Bay

Having the whole family join on a dark-zone mountain hike to watch the sun rise over #FalseBay; there’s no better #fathersday present than that 😊 Bantering (I got a #DisneyPrincess Card and #PrawnStar tee-shirt), plus tail-wagging dogs, great #coffee, rock-hopping kids and breathtaking views formed part of the adventure. We even got two of the young ‘uns to join Karyn Marais and me in a very chilly cold-water immersion afterwards.

And so lekker to end off the day enjoying a lazy arvie braai with Christo and Nichelle Swanepoel, back off their yacht for a change. With toasty sun and a warm berg wind, it’s difficult to believe that #2021 has just clocked the winter #equinox