Getting ready for the Trail de Rodrigues


So one thing is for sure: Landie Greyling is flying. I could hardly take a photo of her today with her feet on the ground as we explored the Trail de Rodrigues route meandering along the coastline of this paradise island. There’s no doubt that this stunning #trailrun route is going to make for a great spectacle as runners from around the world congregate for what has become one of the Indian Ocean’s favourite off-road runs ????????????️

A free day meant we had time to explore the many attractions offered by #RodriguesIsland, including a 2-hour coastal run (in my new #YetiSandals from Stuart Doc Hutcheson, nogal), a wild-side ocean swim, and lunch with locals at a little bush café hidden away in a seaside forest. Plus, Christiaan Greyling and I got to do our first #kitesurf lesson with the crew from #EtikKiting. So kiff!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful island with us, Ile Rodrigues TourismeFrancois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave ReserveArnaud MeunierRemy Caroline and all the other people of amazing #Rodrigues

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