Humans of the Beautiful South

My sure-fire cure for the on-going deluge of bad news out there is an evening at one of the annual functions held by Bay Primary School, the little Model C school acrosss the park from where we live in Fish Hoek. This is where Beth and Robs have started their primary school careers, and where Grace will go in a year’s time.

What I love about BAY is the unpretentiousness. The people are real – exactly who they are – and in Cape Town, that is pretty refreshing. You will see the full gamut of Rainbow Nation characters, social classes, religions and income groups. This is the real South Africa, and the beauty of it is that – even with nearly a thousand diverse parents and children suqashed into a hall – they all seem to have one thing in common: they love their kids.

Together they will do pretty much anything to make this brave little school succeed, and the majority of them contribute in some way to this vision. Academic achievement and sport is balanced out with music, art, adventure clubs, chess and a heap of other extra-curriculars, and of course cool things like School of Rock.

It was a bitter-sweet night, knowing that it was Beth Marais‘ final year before moving on to FHHS. Sad to see her growing up, but so incredibly proud of her achievements. I lost count of the number of trophies and awards she won, but I can safely say that her ‘cup cupboard’ runneth over.

The highlight was to see her give the Valedictorian Speech with her best friend (since Grade R). So, to Mister Beckmann, the many teachers and school staff who have guided her since those early years – I’d like to say a huge Thank You. We do not mention this often enough, but you are appreciated so much by all of us.

And Robs, nonchalantly accepting his Overall Academic Achievement Award while trying to duck out of the limelight – I love your work, my boy. You are two incredible children, and I’m so proud to be your dad.

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