Loxia Living

The #mirrorless revolution has sparked a need in me to move back to my original photographic roots. In those early days before digital, I shot from the hip with a metal-body F1 and a 50mm lens, and spent hours in the darkroom developing my monochrome prints.

I’m not quite ready to venture back into that darkroom, but the idea of a manual-focus 50mm prime on a full-frame metal-body camera … that I like. Which is where the #loxia lens enters into the equation.

It is a thing of utter beauty, made by Carl Zeiss to the most exacting standards imaginable, and holding it timelines me back to those wonder days of image-making when I first discovered 35mm photography.

Dangerously sharp optics and a shallow depth of field – it has a maximum aperture of f2, after all – make for challenging snapping circumstances, but it does make you re-think everything. Composition, focal point, DOF, angle of view … it is a brand new game where it is all about the image, rather than the gimmicks.

Most of the photographs in this album were taken on the CARL ZEISS #loxia 50mm, fitted onto the SONY A7r Full Frame Mirrorless Body. I have purposefully kept post-processing to an absolute minimum, and love the ageless feel and bokeh of this superb piece of glass.

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