Mother’s Day outing

Fun #MotherNatureDay outing to #CapePoint to #surf with dozens of #gulleysharks (triakis megalopterus) who’ve made #BuffelsBay in the reserve their safe space. Although these guys get up to nearly 2m in size, they are totally harmless, but the alarm bells in your amigdala still goes berserk when a shark as big as you buzzes your board. An absolute privilege to see Grace and the family engaging with #nature up close and personal 🦈

Huge shout-out to Orms for letting me test the new Insta360 #1R. Pretty overcast conditions meant low-contrast light despite good water viz, but the super-sized 1-inch sensor did a top job with footage and Stills, above as well as under-water. I still need to get used to the interface (and trust the fact that the modular system just clips together), but outdoor shooters keen on higher-quality visuals should definitely give this classy #actioncam a try. Plus, if you buy the #TwinEdition, you get a #360degree lens as part of the deal 👌

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