Of Penguins and Parties

Gracie loves penguins. And the beach. And so do Beth and Robs. So what better way to celebrate a 2nd birthday than at Boulders Beach, with fresh sea air, rocks to climb, kelp pools to explore and penguins galore. Plus, Kay and I get to see some of our friends outdoors, and just have a jol in general.

Now, however much I like my big SONY Alpha-SLT professional camera system, on a day like this I want to run around with the kids, and not worry about R250k worth of equipment. This is where the XPERIA Z1 comes into play – waterproof, shock-proof and pin-sharp, it’s the perfect way to capture your day of play.

Every single one of the pix in this album was shot on the Z1 and edited using the on-board PIXLr software. Viva #phonetography!

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