OTTER African Trail Run 2015 – Prologue

Right, things are about to get real! Top marathon-distance endurance athletes from all over South Africa (and the world!) are congregated at Garden Route National Park, with less than 10hrs before setting off on SA’s premier off-road trail run.

Today saw stand-out times at the Prologue by a number of speed merchants, including Kane Reilly, Marc Lauenstein (from Switzerland), Ben Brimble, Megan Mackenzie, Nicolette Griffioen and Spain’s Emma Roca. Whoever manages a place atop the podium tomorrow will have to run an immaculate race, and we will be there along the route to see this epic battle unfold.

Best of luck to all the athletes; have a phenomenal race, be safe, and do nopt forget to take in the stunning views of the incredible Garden Route National Park.

We salute you!