Papendorp, Namaqua West Coast

This is just too good to not share it here as well 🙂 The Namaqua West Coast is the perfect landscape in which to DISCONNECT – from the rat race, electronic screens, traffic and stress, or whatever it may be that is tugging at your inner equilibrium. Here, you can reconnect to #nature once more, and make time to play in the #greatoutdoors 🌊🍃

The best thing about this arid outback is that you never know what might be waiting around the next corner along those meandering gravel roads. Every time I visit, I’m utterly blown away by the laidback vibes in this region, and by the landscape and the ever-friendly, earthy locals

My focus going into #2023 is moving away from events and ‘quickie’ projects, continuing a move (that followed from my Winterhoek fall) towards long-form storytelling, documentaries and in-depth writing. I’m hoping this will take me into many more hideaway spaces such as the Namaqua Hinterland, where human and nature connection is still valued 🙏🏼🌀

Thank you to ISUZU South Africa Dunlop Tyres SA Holdfast Securi-Lid Escape Gear Squirt Cycling Products Bean There Coffee Company and all the other brands making this journey such a lekker #adventure!

#VisitNWC #Namaqua #WestCoast

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