Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge 2013 – Day 1

Once again, the annual SABRINA LOVE Ocean Challenge delivered an unparalleled mix of outdoor fun for the whole family. The beach festival – originally conceptualised by Tony and Suzie Lubner in memory of their daughter Sabrina – is sponsored by Stonehage and Discovery, with all proceeds going to charities supporting disabled children.

And if this does not make the Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge a must-do event in your books, then the number of legendary athletes who support it is sure to change your mind. Bruce Fordyce, Chad Ho, Michael Bailey, Kane Reilly, Michele Eray and, of course, the incomparable Natalie du Toit are all intrinsically part of Sabrina.

They return every year to add impetus to the fund raising process, and have over the past decade changed the lives of countless children. Today saw competitors going head to head on a 10km run, a 15km surfski paddle, and a gruelling 6km ocean swim. This batch of images captures the action of the day, but if you’re keen to see how your heroes (or mates) fared, go check out or

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