Spur Adventure Duo Challenge : Paul Cluver 2014

Chilled vibes out at Paul Cluver Wine Estate today for the first SPUR Adventure Duo of the Summer Season. As usual, the ‘Taste for Life’ crowd were out in full force, enjoying the stunning surrounds and superb trails characterising one of the Winelands’ top MTB (and wine-tasting) destinations.

With a range of categories, from Racing-Snake Solos to Weekend Warriors adventure family sprints to trail run options, every one had a chance to give it gas or have fun along the route. Ugene Nel and his Quantum Adventures Events crew made sure the comeptitors were in good hands, and I loved seeing so many dads, sons, mums and daughters getting outside.

Go check out www.quantumadventures.co.za or www.spur.co.za for the dates and venues of upcoming events over the next three months.

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