The Gorgeousness of Grootvadersbosch

Snelsetter is one of the historic farmsteads in the greater Grootvadersbosch Conservancy, and it is a place where you are able to truly lose yourself within the embrace of spreading and ancient forests. Like Hogsback, the primeval woodlands here hark back to those days before humans hacked away at every hardwood tree in sight, and the tranquillity one finds speak testaments to what nature could be if left to its own devices.

The conservancy spreads across the farms of the original Moodie families, who settled here generations ago, and have since become the self-appointed custodians of an outdoor space where nature reigns supreme. Trail running, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, horse-back riding … untold adventure options abound if you care to come and discover this remote corner of the Overberg.

Thank you once again to Keith and Michele Moodie for sharing their gorgeous homestead with us – it was an utterly unforgettable few days, and we will certainly be back. The web sites to visit for more info are and … go have a peek, and I promise you that you will discover paradise.

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