Trek 2 Teebus – Steynsburg

Bloubospunt. Plaatfontein. Bulhoek. Koffiebus. Diknek … And the iconic #Teebus, of course. We’ve just returned from a magical hour of celestial perfection at the foot of this jagged outcrop while grabbing some #startrailimagery, and let’s just say I’m star-struck by what the #outdoor crowd can experience here in #steynsburg.

This far-flung corner of the #Karoo where the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Free State cosy up to each other continues to utterly blow my mind. This oft-forgotten piece of #RSA is both wasteland and heartland in stasis, with a rich history inexorably being eroded by urbanization, rural neglect and the economic collapse so typical of the #southafrican platteland.

A ghost town – with an Olympic-sized swimming pool – decays in the shadow of #Teebus Peak; Paul Kruger’s old house lies locked and forgotten off the R53; the tar road up #BullhoekPass is overgrown and unused;and Steynsburg has the post-apocalyptic feel of a town from the pages of a #DeonMeyer novel …

And yet, the area brims with incredible richness and diversity. Characters – like Oom Charles on the farm where we are staying – are larger than life, and country hospitality overwhelms you around every corner. Trail runs, rock climbs, mountain treks, ridgeline traverses, bike packing, birding, star-gazing … you decide what you want to do, and then you plug into this amazing #easterncape space.

And if you decide to ride #Trek2Teebus, the route and landscape promises to truly blow your mind. Tomorrow is #Day3 of this #CountryCrank along remote tracks and farm roads tripping into imposing kopjes looming up from savanna grassland, weaving amidst #nguni cattle, or meandering through endless fields of mauve irises.

This is #mtb heaven, and you need to ride here to understand the attraction of this wonderful space. We’ve loved every second of our visit, PETRICHOR ADVENTURES and Build it Trek 2 Teebus- 3day MTB Karoo Adventure – what an incredible and humbling experience! This event is sure to keep growing from year to year ????????

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