Z2: The Next Level

Friends who know me understand that I am a One-Device type of person, and that pretty much defines which phone I am going to choose when I head into the great outdoors. It needs to make calls effectively (it is a phone, after all); have a reasonable battery life and stand-by time; be my GPS and Mapping Device when I’m out mountain biking or trail running; capture top class video (120fps and 4K) and imagery (20.1MP); and, above all, be utterly life-proof (read: waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof). My XPERIA Z1 did most of this, so when the new Z2 landed on my desk a couple of weeks back, I was not really jumping up and down with excitement. But that was before I played with the video function and saw how the new processing software took the imagery to levels of a truly amazing standard. The Slo-Mo Function on Time-Shift Video allows you to slow the frame rate down for ethereally beautiful moving imagery that is out of this world, and my next mission will be to master the art of mobile movie-making. And once I have that down pat, I want to go and shoot a world-class event using only the XPERIA Z2. Yup, you’ve heard my correctly – a SONY phone and nothing else … These handsets have it all, and I was not surprised at all to see that www.dpreview.com has rated them as one of two top-of-class mobile imageing devices in the world right now. Some images from the past couple of weeks follow below; once I’ve played more with the video side of things, I will post those as well, so keep an eye on this space!

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